Savong Student Center

The Savong Student Center sits on a small area of land in Siem Reap and has a kitchen, a dining room, a library/classroom, a computer room and five bedrooms.    The male students who live there look after this center and learn appropriate life skills necessary for their transition into productive and independent adults. They attend Future Bright International School or one of the Universities such as Build Bright University or University of SouthEast Asia. We offer supplemental computer instruction on the weekends and the students have access to the computer room through the week.


To sponsor a student to live at the center, $75/month covers food, a portion of the utilities and some miscellaneous items.  Each student is also given a small allowance which can be used for books, clothing or extra food.   Tuition fees are separate and cost $65/month.  If you are interested in helping out with any of these expenses either as one time donation or as a recurring gift, you can donate here.


These are hard-working students and are truly appreciative of the opportunities that they have been given.  The Foundation is very excited to see what great things are in their future.

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