Our Wishlist

Since we are a grassroots nonprofit, we rely on even the smallest donations to make our programs a success. However, even growing nonprofits can dare to dream and these are the dreams that we hope to turn into a reality for the upcoming year. Can you help?

General Expenses

Cost: No amount is too small

Money is always needed for supplies, upkeep and repairs at the student center so any donation for these purposes is much appreciated. We may also use this money for extra school supplies or medical expenses for the students. It doesn’t matter whether it is $5 or $500, we will put your money to very good use.

Extra English Classes

Cost: $65/month

Donate Learning English is an essential skill for our students and this school excels at providing language instruction from native English speakers. We currently have a wait list for students who would love to attend this school. The students attend these classes after their regular school day has finished.

High School Scholarship at Private International School

Cost: $50-100/month

Our main goal is to give our students the best education we can find so we support them at a private local international school. We monitor their progress very carefully through monthly reports and we mentor and motivate them. This monthly amount also includes school supplies.

University Scholarship in Phnom Penh

Cost: $50-200/month

We are thrilled that some of our students wish to pursue professional careers such as medicine, law, engineering and global affairs. This requires the students to attend universities in Phnom Penh which are generally more expensive than the local universities in Siem Reap.

Laptop Computers

We award our university students with a laptop to help them with their advanced studies. We prefer to buy the computers locally to support local businesses but we are certainly open to receiving used laptops as donations.

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