We believe that by providing bright, underprivileged students access to great education we can change lives as well as the entire country.

We select a limited number of students each year for scholarships. For our high school students, we send them to the Future Bright International School in Siem Reap and for our university students, we help them select the best university based on their chosen career.

We are very proud to be supporting university students in Phnom Penh where they can pursue professions such as doctors, nurses and lawyers.

The scholarships can be classified as either FULL or OUTREACH.


A Full Scholarship is awarded to a student whose family lives in the countryside and does not have a place to stay in Siem Reap. We provide them with accommodation, food, school supplies, medical services, transportation (a bicycle if needed), a small monthly allowance and tuition.




An Outreach Scholarship is awarded to those students who can stay with their family in Siem Reap. We provide them with tuition and transportation if needed. Depending on their family’s financial status, we may also provide them with school supplies.



The cost to sponsor a student varies depending on the student. We ask for a minimum of $50/month and it can go up to $140/month to support a full scholarship.  We respectfully request that you use the PayPal Giving Fund link to avoid any transaction fees.

When you sponsor a student, you will receive a letter from him or her every three months. We encourage donors to write back with notes of encouragement or information about themselves but we do not allow direct communication between the sponsor and the student.

The Savong Foundation makes every effort possible to select the most deserving students and we do our best to keep our students in our program. However, due to some circumstances which are beyond our control, a sponsored student may drop out of school. This is heartbreaking for us as well as the sponsor but it is an unfortunate consequence when working in a very impoverished region.