The Student Water Pump Project

The Student Water Pump Project is a sustainable project which will provide the community with much needed water pumps.

A source of clean water is something that many families have difficulty getting access to in the Cambodian countryside.

pump1By building water pumps and providing ceramic filters, we can give these families a readily available source of clean, fresh water.  Students, under the supervision of our Outreach Manager, build the pumps which will enable them to earn an income and teach them a new skill. The families are then provided with a ceramic filter which purifies the water from the ground. Any profits will be returned to the project to help cover equipment repairs and upkeep.

Our students will benefit and the community will benefit.  This is a win-win situation!

The cost to build a water pump is $285 which includes the ceramic filter and all the necessary training.

We select families based on financial information and state of the current water source. We do a preliminary interview with the family and then do a follow-up at three months and at one year to make sure everything is working well.