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Phil Caldwell started the Savong Foundation in 2011 to serve underprivileged youth in northern Cambodia. As a veterinarian, he is equally passionate about helping animals and improving the welfare of neglected and suffering dogs and cats.

Are you a manipulative nonprofit?

If you're an animal lover, you’ve probably seen them in your Facebook and Twitter feeds; photos of tortured, abused and very sad looking animals that need our help.  I have a lot of friends that do animal rescue and I keep an eye on animal nonprofits and so I see these photos constantly.  I’m very [...]

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This is how we change lives for the better!

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Why I support Cambodia … and why you should too!

I get these questions a lot … “Why Cambodia?” “Whatever got you interested in that country?” “How can you help a country with so many problems?” Or sometimes I just get an odd look and I’m guessing the person is trying to figure out if they could even point out Cambodia on a map. My [...]

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How much is a CEO worth?

How much do you think I made as the CEO of the Savong Foundation last year? You would be correct if you came up with the exact number of -$5168.36.  Yes, that’s right, it’s a minus because I earned $0 but with personal donations, advertising, travel expenses and other miscellaneous costs, I’m in the hole [...]

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Needed: Physicians in Cambodia

It's an alarming figure:  One qualified doctor for every 5000 people in Cambodia, which is one of the lowest ratios in the world.  It's no wonder that poor people must turn to unqualified and unlicensed "healers" to get any hope of care. And with an entire village getting infected with HIV, it's a tragic situation. [...]

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Tourists in Siem Reap, Cambodia

There seem to be five types of tourists in Siem Reap. Neo-Hippies: These are the couples that have spent far too much time in South-east Asia. They have surfed in Bali, done the Moon Festival in Phuket and drunk scorpion wine in Vietnam. He has dreds and she has armpit hair. Both are wearing tank [...]

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